10 Essential Skills Necessary for Survival

Although it is important to be prepared for disaster situations, many are not adequately trained to handle the disaster situations in which they find themselves in. Having the proper skills and training will provide an individual with a well diversified knowledge base on how to survive during and after a disaster. Medical Training In a survival situation, medical […]

200k Brevet

Saturday morning at around 5:30 I headed out to Forest Grove to partake of the 200k Forest Grove – Birkenfelt Brevet. I brought both my Habanero geared bike and my Surly fixie, because the Surly has fenders while the Habanero currently doesn’t. After loading up on a 6-pack of Snickers bars from Safeway I met […]

Banks to Salem 200K

I had planned on riding the Estacada time trial this weekend, mostly since I’ve never done a time trial, but a friend mentioned that the Monster Cookie 100K was on Sunday and I decided that I really need to get miles in more than I need to play around with a time trial. The ride […]

Eden’s Gate 400K

Yesterday I completed the Eden’s Gate 400K. There were some key learnings I thought I’d record for posterity, but first, the stats! The Stats I didn’t write any of these down, so this is from memory. The first 100K passed by in 3:45 riding time. The first 100 miles was 6:15 riding time. The second […]

Cascade 1200 Brevet

It’s been nearly a week since I got back from the Cascade 1200, but I wanted to write a bit about it before I forgot all the gory details. I really hadn’t planned on riding a 1200 this summer. Since I just started riding brevets in the spring with a 100K, then working on up […]

Death Ride – California Alps Tour

The Death Ride is more appropriately called “The Tour Of The Californian Alps” or some such, but  calling it the “Death Ride” is a better way to get publicity, so that’s what they call it. I’m glad I did the ride, so I can cross it off of some imaginary “List Of Things To Do”. […]

RUSA 180K Dart

Last Saturday I partook in the first RUSA certified Dart (ever!), with a team of five riders. A dart is a funny ride with funny rules. Basically, you and your team have to plan a route that covers at least 180K that you’ll ride over 12 hours. Like a fleche you have to plan your […]

Making My First Homemade Shampoo

I am a big believer in natural healing and trying to incorporate natural products into my everyday life. I am learning more and more about different natural ingredients and how they can benefit you. I switched from make up removers to coconut oil,(amazing) face cream to coconut oil (amazing again) and I make sure to […]

Coconut Loving!

Today I have decided to become an ambassador for coconuts. A voice for the tropical treasures that fall onto our beaches and bring deliciously tasty goods into our lives. I love bounty bars, sipping on Malibu and pineapple juice and sprinkling coconut flakes on almost everything I eat .. so I wanted to really express […]

Camp Echo Lake: Fun For The Whole Family

Family outings and activities are often hard to figure out simply because it’s hard to find an activity that both parents and children, boys and girls, will like. Camping is one of those activities that everyone can enjoy. There’s hunting, fishing and the wild for boys and swimming, wild flowers and boating for girls. As […]